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‘Twitchy Rabbit’ is an email marketing platform similar to MailChimp looking for a redesign of their old logo. ‘Twitchy the Rabbit’ is their mascot and the client wanted the mascot in a simpler, iconic form for use across their products. They were willing to accept a solid color logo or something with multiple colors, as long as it also worked at small sizes for icons. – Mock project.

Twitchy Rabbit logo Logo color versions


Logo Redesign

Here you have the old logo for ‘Twitchy Rabbit’. The problem with this one was that it was too detailed and didn’t work great as a logo, especially at small sizes, and this was the main point the client want to improve on in the redesign.

Old Twitchy Rabbit logo


Color palette

The client was willing to accept a solid color logo or something with multiple colors. As the goal was to make a more modern and minimal logo I decided to drop the lighter grey and black. And only work with fresher versions of the orange and dark grey.

CMYK 2/48/67/0
RGB 255/132/64

CMYK 61/47/47/43
RGB 58/58/58

CMYK 2/38/50/0
RGB 255/157/102

CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255



‘Nunito Black’ was chosen for its soft and playful look. Which made it a perfect match with the rabbit symbol. But far from ideal for longer sentences! For that supporting job I chose the geometric yet friendly features and open curves of ‘Roboto Light’.


Business Cards
Twitchy Rabbit reception desk


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