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Each designer has his/her own story for getting into this business. Mine began while building and running a website dedicated to Indiana Jones™ from 2000 to 2010. My work on began long before its launch and the version still online today dates back to 2005; when YouTube just saw the light of day, Facebook was still inaccessible to the public, and I was only a student in Graphic Design.
Around 2017 the more experienced designer in me began to wonder what might look like using more contemporary standards in webdesign. And I couldn’t resist to find out!



Leading the way to a treasure trove of info in an environment both dedicated fans and casual viewers can enjoy. homepage redesign film page redesign article page redesign mobile screens mobile screens



One major inspiration for this project was the iconic map with the red line showing the course of flight in the films. For this I studied all travel map transitions and discovered that the map style and typeface were not identical for all four films.
One example is the different thickness of the country borders. Or that only Raiders and Last Crusade use ITC Serif Gothic as the typeface for the country names.

Travel map screenshotI first played with the idea of working with that same typeface for the menu, and other navigation elements. Sounded fitting!
But that soon changed when I discovered that ITC Serif Gothic is best known today for its use in the marketing material of that other Lucasfilm property named STAR WARS™.

To differentiate from other Indiana Jones sites I attempted to avoid the use of things like: journal and paper treasure map imagery, the actual Indiana Jones™ logo, the white-yellow-red gradient and the yellow cursive subtitles typeface as often as possible.



Typeface Catamaran was chosen for its fresh look perfect for the digital age. It also makes a great match with the updated site logo and Georgia; an excellent serif typeface for reading long passages of text on screens.

Menu & Orientation

Font Catamaran

Text & Titles

Font Georgia



The 3D look of my old logo is replaced with a minimalist one-color design closer to the official Indiana JonesTM logo.


Old logo


New logo


Color Palette

Color Palette



These icons were created to represent the sections of the site. Including classic stamps to spice up exclusive features. icons stamps



I’ve opted for one clean and simple navigation suitable for every platform. Desktop, laptop & tablet users will find the navigation bar always fixed at the top of the page. Mobile users will find the navigation bar at the bottom of the page for easy thumb access.
The navigation bar disappears when scrolling down, and the full menu rises from the bottom with one click on the menu icon. mobile menu


Design Trivia design trivia


Paul Shipper art

Art by Paul Shipper
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