Samsonite Academy logo


Samsonite Academy
Logo Design

Samsonite® is a luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from suitcases to small toiletry bags and briefcases.
To train their sales teams in Europe on new collections, corporate content, trends, quality standards, materials, etc. they created an online training platform called Samsonite Academy.

This is the logo I designed for their training platform. A wordmark featuring the silhouette of one of their suitcases, with the handle extended, in the negative space of the letter A. Made to blend in nicely with the rest of their corporate identity.


Initial Concepts

Samsonite Academy logo concepts


Logo construction

Samsonite Academy logo grid


Logo utilization

Samsonite Academy logo on blue
Samsonite Academy logo on white

Samsonite Academy logo on paper
Samsonite Academy banner

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