Here follows a selection of my logo designs created for various organizations and other purposes this past couple of years.

Some of these projects only required a logo. Others were more extensive and will be discussed in more detail at a later date. So it can be interesting to keep an eye on my homepage!


Ping logo

PING is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams with Slack & Skype as some of their biggest competitors. It was the client’s wish to create a text based ‘wordmark’ logo for PING. Icons that are aligned with the name were an option but the name needed to be included. As for its use of colors, I deliberately chose not to work with blues as those are already very common among tech companies. – Mock project.

La Marketista logo

La Marketista is a marketing agency for organizations and local authorities that focus on sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility. And the client wished for a logo that fitted that bill while also looking playful & adventurous. But not masculine.
We also made the website for La Marketista which you can visit here.

Wildlife logo

WILDLIFE is a non-profit organization that preserves the life and habitat of wild animals throughout the world. They are known for their passion and personal investment in the lives of animals. For their logo they wished to use one animal to represent their brand. Something that also works without text. – Mock project.

The Grind logo

The Grind is a small coffee shop chain that prides itself on natural and local ingredients. For their new logo, they didn’t want to use any browns as many other coffee shops in the area already work with that color. The logo could be text based or have an icon, or be both. And they were open to using symbols that represent coffee. The vintage coffee grinder was a perfect match as symbol for The Grind. As it also meant that I didn’t have to work with cliché symbols as the coffee bean or cup. – Mock project.

Space logo

Space offers rentable offices in beautiful areas. For their logo they wanted to capture the idea of a personal, modern, and fun shared office space. It could be an icon or using the text “Space” to represent the company. And they didn’t have any requirements in terms of colors, text, icon, or otherwise. In contrast with most office spaces I wanted this logo to have no corners, little straight lines and feel very spacious. And can you spot the light bulb? Because isn’t an office a place where many great ideas are born? – Mock project.


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