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Brandstof (‘fuel’ in Dutch) is a sustainability podcast in which Isabelle Wuytens and Diedert Debusscher discuss a question every month that keeps them awake. These questions are always related to climate change.
With the help of an expert they outline the problem and dive into the pool of solutions, because challenges also mean opportunities. And Brandstof not only pays attention to innovation, technology and policy, but also to home, garden and kitchen solutions.

For their logo the podcasting duo wished for something minimal and inviting, yet not too soft looking. Because their message is to take action; incite listeners to make contributions to a more sustainable world!

And the logo was also going to be used as a podcast cover on apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Which is why it became an emblem as well.



The Brandstof podcast is an initiative of marketing agency La Marketista with Diedert Debusscher. And because the podcast is an important feature on their website I chose the logo of La Marketista (which I also designed) as the take-off point for the Brandstof logo design.
And the style of La Marketista‘s M initial was also nicely in line with the request to make it minimal and inviting.

Brandstof logo concepts


Logo construction

Brandstof icon grid
Brandstof logo on black
Brandstof logo on white


Brandstof Podcast on Spotify
Brandstof podcast emblem
Brandstof Podcast mug


You can listen to the Brandstof podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and from its official website.


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