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On this page I’ll be sharing the development of a personal design project; a contemporary wordmark for each of the 12 Olympians from ancient Greek mythology. Inspired by what each member of the Greek pantheon represents.

But first, what is a wordmark?

A wordmark (or logotype) is a logo centered around a company name, initials or sometimes a person’s signature. Usually, it’s the name of the company that makes up the logo. Which tends to promote name recognition. And is associated with more traditional and formal approaches to branding.
Some famous wordmark
examples are the logos of Coca Cola, Disney, Google and NASA.

Now, let’s start with the sky and thunder god and king of the Olympians:

Zeus logo on white



Zeus is the confident (arrogant) leader of the gods on top of  mount Olympus. That’s why I thought it was appropriate to go for something minimal with bold and confident letters. No added decorations. Except for something subtle to do with his iconography.

Zeus logo concept sketches


Logo construction

Zeus logo grid

Zeus logo on purple
Zeus business card


Next up is ATHENA;
the goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare.


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