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Excessive Profanity logo redesign

Anyone familiar with knows it as the best place to watch and interact with content creators playing video games.
Excessive Profanity is one such livestreaming channel where host Cody Hargreaves, a former writer and video game critic, seeks adventure in new and classic video games. While keeping an eye out for the story details and themes hidden within these game worlds.

Also unique to this stream is its visual style and ban system:
When a chat member behaves dishonorably, any high-ranking member can flag them for “execution”! Once this happens, Cody starts a live poll in which all members can vote for the symbolic removal of this person’s head. If this person loses the favor of the masses, he will be banned from the channel. (Everything is done, of course, with moody vintage illustrations of guillotine executions as the backdrop.)
And past executions are commemorated on headstones, with the names of the victims and their executioners. Which are visible during atmospheric 3D walks through a graveyard at the time of intermissions.


Wordmark and secondary marks

To reinforce this theme, Excessive Profanity needed a new wordmark that fit the Victorian Gothic era. A time when genuine public executions still took place. And a style that goes well with many video games on this channel.

Along with some supporting iconography to label the content of this channel on different dimensions.
And to provide alternative ways to make its mark on clothing and accessories.

Excessive Profanity logos

Excessive Profanity wordmark

Wordmark details

At the popular request of Excessive Profanity viewers, two bloody versions of the wordmark were also made. A version half dipped in blood. And a version completely bloodied. And these bloody versions are not just colored bloodred; they contain drops of blood that slide along the sharp glyphs.

Excessive Profanity avatar


Avatar construction

Here’s a closer look at the ‘wax seal’ emblem design. Inspired by popular video game melee weapon the double axe!

While the icon design below was inspired by the popularity of Nordic Runes in the gaming community. And such runes also played a big part in Bloodborne; one of the favorite games of this streaming channel.

Excessive Profanity rune


My deep dive into Victorian Gothic design quickly led me to blackletter script. A script, also known as Gothic script, that was used throughout Western Europe from about 1150 to the 17th century.
So, blackletter-inspired lettering seemed appropriate for the most prominent logo parts.

But I also needed a supporting font for the body texts. Something that would smoothly merge the various blackletter elements of the logo, the wax seal and the runic icon. And I found that in the Mezalia typeface.
Mezalia is a family of fonts with shapes influenced by the Bastarda script of the High Middle Ages. But unlike most typefaces with similar origins, Mezalia isn’t just another display blackletter. But a highly legible body text font blending its medieval poise and character with modern sensibilities.
And this combination was just too perfect not to use for Excessive Profanity!

Excessive Profanity typography

A livestream session

The usual Excessive Profanity show starts with a chat with the viewers before diving into the game itself. Interrupted once or twice with an ‘Intermission’ — that’s when the graveyard walk begins. And sometimes interwoven with an ‘execution’ event if a chat member is not behaving properly.


Excessive Profanity screenshots


Excessive Profanity also has a webshop where you can order apparel and mugs featuring these new logos. The shop is currently also selling this limited edition vinyl slipmat!

Excessive Profanity t-shirts Excessive Profanity mug Excessive Profanity slipmat stamp seal

“Before we had even begun working together, Gilles had started digging through my video archives for inspiration researching how he might best approach this admittedly unique project. So when work began in earnest it was an effortless relationship on my part. Everything I had envisioned but couldn’t verbalise was made manifest in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined; the style, theme and essence of what I was trying to achieve was developed and presented in such a way that it not only complimented my ambitions, but inspired them.”


You can experience this streaming channel’s unique vibe and ban system for yourself at:

And give host Cody my regards while you’re there!

Thank you for watching!


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