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Dominique Sijs is a Belgian linguist specialized in translating dialogue from scripts for the voice dubbing of foreign market animation films & series. She wanted that expressed in her logo. And in addition, Dominique was also curious to see if I could design the logo in her favorite vintage design style of the 1950’s. Here’s how I found a way to fulfill both of her wishes. All while remaining pretty contemporary.


Logo Design

The biggest challenge for this design was finding a fresh way to graphically depict the job of translator. I initially had some hesitations about combining word bubbles as it seems to be a go-to solution for translations related icons & logos. But during my research in vintage designs of the 1950s I stumbled on the iconic signage of restaurants and drive-in cinema’s of that time. And from there things began to fall in place. The rounded asymmetrical shapes of those signs made original word bubbles. And where the two bubbles overlap I added an ellipsis; as that’s where Dominique’s translating magic is happening!

Dominique Sijs logo grid


Color palette

Much of Dominique’s work is done for animation films. The form of entertainment that is often experienced in cinema nowadays with a pair of 3D glasses on. And as it happens, cinema had its first “golden era” of 3D during the 1950s! Yes, my client’s favorite decade. In addition, those iconic paper glasses with red/blue anaglyph filters also gave me another opportunity to reference my client’s field of work in the logo. With dark grey as the overlapping color to add an extra level of depth.



The final element to complete this logo was to find the perfect typeface. Well, let me introduce you to ‘Mouse Memoirs’. A typeface that found its inspiration in the vintage Mickey Mouse & Uncle Scrooge comic books by Walt Disney in the 1950’s and 60’s. Another wink to animation AND the 1950s.

Used Typefaces


Dominique Sijs business card
Dominique Sijs invoice
Dominique Sijs logo on black


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