Hangtag Design

In 2016 Samsonite presented a unique capsule collection of two Cosmolite Limited Editions inspired by the art of internationally acclaimed surrealist artist René Magritte.

These two suitcases pay homage to two of Magritte’s most renowned paintings 'The Son of Man' and 'Sky Bird'. And for the accompanying hangtag Samsonite requested one tri-fold tag fitting both suitcases, plus highlighting the suitcase interior which payed homage to Magritte's 'La Malédiction'.
The result is one tag with two covers. The front features the 'Sky Bird' suitcase, and the back shows the 'The Son of Man' suitcase framed on top of the original painting.

The final photo on this page is a close-up of the interior label next to my original design. Samsonite's request here was to make a Magritte inspired silhouette "floating among the clouds" to present both logos on.

Made @ BigFish.agency