American Tourister hangtag

American Tourister
hangtag design

My work for Samsonite includes this series of hangtags and insert tags designed for their ‘American Tourister’ luggage brand.

The most challenging, and therefore most fun, part of these designs was the layout of the inner pages and the attached insert tag. These small inner pages had to include a brief history of the brand, quality testing and legal information. Identical for every product. While the inset tags were personalized for each collection of suitcases.

Near the end of this page you will find a special hangtag variant made in 2017 for a limited edition bag and suitcase collection. This collection featured the iconic and abstract ‘vectorfunk’ work of design studio MWM Graphics.

These hangtags, designed in 2014, can still be found in retail stores around the world today.


American Tourister Open Hangtags
American Tourister Insert Cards
American Tourister Closed Hangtag
American Tourister MWM Graphics Hangtag
American Tourister MWM Graphics Open Hangtag


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